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Built to aerospace precision tolerances. Designed to customize name, serialization, & logo. Mil Spec 6061 & 7075 aluminum billet Upper & Lower Receiver. Key area's of Upper & Lower have thicker sidewalls and solid trigger guards with Mil spec type 3 hard anodize.  The magazine well is Electric Discharge Machined (EDM) to high limit for compatibility and ease of magazine exchange.www.layketactical.com  


A very  technologically advanced rifle. The AR15 rifle is the design of genius, thank you Eugene Stoner. Layke machines billet aluminum to aerospace precision tolerances  making the match fit Upper and Lower receivers the core of our rifles.  At Layke Tactical, we're continually innovating, developing, and testing next generation rifles, pistols and components for the best of new technology.www.layketactical.com